What do Pirates think about this referendum?

The Pirate Party in the Netherlands is all for more direct democracy, like a referendum. A slogan of Piratenpartij is ‘informeer jezelf’ (inform yourself). People can very well make up their own mind about voting, or not voting and if they are; voting YES or NO. But a referendum done properly doesn’t stop there.

Piratenpartij has actively campaigned through http://dutchvote.eu and http://voorstem.nl where people can still inform themselves, discuss and volunteer insights on questions like; ‘what should be done differently, with regards to what this referendum is about for you’. This referendum involves Ukraïne also, as well as European Union member states. We encourage all to join the debate.

Dutch Pirate Party on ISDS

There’s an ISDS (Investor State Dispute Settlement) provision in the DCFTA (trade agreement with Ukraine). In normal wordings it goes like this:

Article 89. The ISDS part will later be added [with the use of an arbitration panel] ‘to provide investor protection and procedures on how to deal with dispute between investor and state’.

Article 307; members to the arbitration panel

They could come from one member on behalf of the investor, one on behalf of the state and one appointed by both to act as chairperson. If parties fail to find a suitable panel, three judges will be selected through lot from the persons one or both parties nominated. 

This comittee could rule that for example Shell, Chevron or Monsanto would suffer losses if the EU were to decide on a limitation of Shale gas, GMO or Roundup. The extend of lost investments and potential lossed revenue for said companies could then be leading in determining the size of the compensation EU taxpayer would have to pay to make up for potential losses by the investor, should EU want to adopt more environment friendly laws for example.

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